A Letter from Alejandro Salazaar, Project Director Peru, NIOS. By the mercy of Sadai Nimai-Nitai, things have turned out to be very favo...

Art and the Sacred 2018, Peru National Library

A Letter from Alejandro Salazaar, Project Director Peru, NIOS.

By the mercy of Sadai Nimai-Nitai, things have turned out to be very favorable for NIOS efforts in Peru. The meeting with Dr. Alejandro Neyra, Director of the National Library of Peru, was a success. At one point during the meeting he told me:
I want to congratulate NIOS for the organization of their events, I have seen with pleasure the videos in your YouTube channel.
At the end of the meeting, he instructed the Image Director and other officials to provide us with all the facilities and all the environments we need to carry out Art and the Sacred in October 2018 (this includes the web and using the logo of the BNP and the Ministry of Culture).

Our calendar of activities for 2018 is the film The Art and the Sacred, The Path of a Pilgrim, the exhibition of Art Sacred Images and the International Symposium.

For 2019 we have planned the Mega-Evento el Arte y la Sagrado at El Teatro Nacional. By arrangements of Mr. Nityananda, 2019 Peru will be the World Headquarters of the Forum of Ancient Civilizations, Finding in the Culture Answers to the Problems of the Human Society. The Forum is made up of India, China, Greece, Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Iraq and Iran. The Minister of Culture participates actively in this Forum. The Director told me that if we do a good Project it is possible to join the activities that the Ministry of Culture is organizing for 2019.

Robert Conlon is officially the Solaris style proofreader in English. He is a senior at Literature at the University of Austin in Texas. His mother is Mexican and I teach him Spanish to communicate well with his maternal relatives, so he handles both languages very well. I already pass the articles to him, he weekly will send the advances.

Prof. Walter Leon proposes a preliminary event for February, within a week we have a meeting together to refine details. Everyone (Ramón, Hector, Walter and Miguel) suggests that we make a fine bilingual brochure (printed and digital) about Art and the Sacred. Please, what is your suggestion?

HpS - It sounds very nice. Can we start looking for local sponsors also?

AS - I humbly apologize for sending this report a few days late. The health of my donkey is a little delicate, I have been with severe bronchitis and now I have a strong irritation in the eyes.

Your insignificant servant, Alejandro Salazaar

Hanumatpresaka Swami – We also experience great bodily and mental distress in this life and these endeavors, but our conviction and representation of all great philosophers is that even though the sky is very big. It has never lost a single rain drop. All of our happiness and distress is under supervision for our project and personal development.

Thank you so, so much. You are one of the most generous people we know. We will continue developing the Project while we are on this India, Australia tour and if you can call us then please do. There is so much opportunity for success in all these projects.